Saso Popovski

The music of Saso Popovski is music of pure lines, concluded structures and lush imagination. Rhythmically and also melodically, his music alludes to Oriental patterns, which makes it a bit mystical. But there is nothing hermetically in it, as some of these kind of music excursions to Orient can be… Popovski organizes his compositions around a beautifully derived, clear, appealing melodious line, which is unmistakably supported by a bass player with a velvet sound and a drummer with consistent, concentrated rhythmization. Popovski finely enhance the basic river-like melody, carefully meanders through its possible by-paths and streams, but never loses the basic thread. With its strong suggestiveness -thanks to the repetitiveness of certain motifs -Popovski’s music has dreamlike and cinematic effects. One another thing to be stressed is the coherence of members’ musicianship and the very sound of trio -which is smoothed and crystal clear, but at the same time it does not work artificially; instead, it is completely organic and “present”. Mario Batelic Cerkno Jazz Festival