Beginning of a new story

The origin is local, in Skopje, modest, but driven by the belief that something universal is hidden within these streets, something that is well beyond the boundaries of the city, the state, the planet!
Jazz Fortnight is a stopover. A place where improvisation begins its journey and a where we welcome the foreign traveler…

And for now there is no more perfect start than with Simon Kiselicki.
Doyen on the Macedonian jazz scene. A traveler who has spent the past two years traveling through countless cities across the continent, telling the story created by a decade of creation through the piano keys.

Now he’s home again.
With Jamila!

He brings us the unpublished album that has been hidden from the public for 10 years. And for the first time the audience will be able to hear it right here.
Jazz Fortnight proudly announces the return of Simon Kiselicki with his trio on September 29th at Public Room.

Suported by the accomplished maestros Goce Stevkovski on drums and Aleksandar Ikonomov on double-bass.

Follow us as this is just the beginning of a new story.

Warm regards,
Jazz Fortnight

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