Can jazz be pop? – „Let’s Go“

When the subject of a conversation is jazz, the tone most often is serious, deep, all grown-up. But does it need to be?
Listening to Filip Stevanovski’s album we get closer to the answer.

Jumping from track to track we encounter a world fused together. At one point you’re feeling the sands of Copacabana, reflected in the joyful tones of “Iri Samba”, and few stops down you arrive at tracks 8 and 9, where you find yourself pulled into the chaos of Filip’s native home, in the middle of the Balkans, with all it’s colorful folklore and the gunpowder that keeps it fueled…

Between tracks 2 & 9 there is still a lot to be explored.
At times Filips is skillful to clearly place you in the location that inspired his work, like placing a pin on a globe, but at times you are pushed in the melting pot, surrounded by all the different tastes that are somehow both familiar and exotic at the same time.

The author leaves a lot of room for interpretation, but we are not going to do that here. We’ll leave it to you, the listener, to experience it on your own.
Here we just hope you will enjoy this dynamically paced piece of music.

And now we go back to the initial question. Can jazz be pop?
Being able to bring together something that’s build upon countless musical works encompassing the world how can it not be!

The official digital release of this album is here.

Until the next time!
Jazz Fortnight

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