Jazz Fortnight Festival 2019

Chapter two;
Inspired by the great music we’ve released and the very warm reception by the audience, we decided to share our story loudly.

We’re promoting the best of Jazz Fortnight’s discography.

This time by stepping outside of Skopje’s cozy shelter; we are venturing to other cities in Macedonia, hopping our new hosts will welcome us as family…

It’s here that we announce the inaugural Jazz Fortnight Festival

7 cities, 6 bands and a fortnight of jazz to follow.

March 20 | Youth Cultural Home in Stip | Saso Popovski Trio and Zulu 3.4
March 21 | KIC Romansa in Makedonska Kamenica | Simon Kiselicki Trio
March 21 | Public Room in Skopje | Ivan Ivanov Quartet
March 22 | Public Room in Skopje | Sasho Popovski Trio
March 23 | Public Room in Skopje | Brahma Trio
March 24 | Public Room in Skopje | Zulu 3.4
March 26 | Podroom in Kumanovo Ivan Ivanov Quartet
March 27 | Podroom in Kumanovo | Simon Kiselicki Trio
March 28 | Porta Jazz in Bitola | Ivan Ivanov Quartet
March 29 | Bar 37 in Kavadarci | Djole Grujovski
March 29 | Porta Jazz in Bitola | Simon Kiselicki Trio
March 30 | Take Five in Prilep | Brahma Trio
March 30 | Bar 37 in Kavadarci | Saso Popovski Trio
April 02 | Kotur in Skopje | Djole Grujovski
April 03 | Kotur in Skopje | Simon Kiselicki Trio

Featuring artists

A jazz musician of the fourth generation of Macedonian artists, professor at the Music Academy of University “Goce Delchev” – Stip – Jazz Department, composer and pedagogue with the guitar as main instrument. Contemporary jazz elements of traditional Macedonian music makes his compositions unique and well known in Europe. For more than 20 years he has collaborated with many artists on stage on various projects and has released 3 jazz albums and several solo compositions.

Ivan is a member of the younger generation of jazz artists who has acquired his music education abroad. The compositions written by Ivanov show their authenticity and structural complexity already proven on his first album “Wild Flower” released by Skopje Jazz Festival Records. The new project is about fusion jazz, a combination of dynamic jazz harmony with improvised funk and other elements of different musical directions.

Doyen of the Macedonian jazz scene. A traveler who has spent the past two years traveling through countless cities across the continent, telling the story created by a decade of creation through his piano keys.
He brings the unpublished album that has been hidden from the public for 10 years, soley titled as “Jamajla”.

Is a jazz guitarist, songwriter and producer. He has studied classical guitar since his 10th year and has simultaneously shown an interest in jazz. After studying in Sofia, he returned to Skopje and began working as a guitar player in the Big Band on Macedonian Radio and Television. In the meantime, he has been active in many jazz and rock bands in Macedonia and Yugoslavia, releasing albums and conducting many tours and performances in Europe. Of course, after many years of impressive career “Reflections” is perhaps the dearest new achievement to be written behind his name.

ZULU 3.4
Instrumental band from Skopje, formed by Damjan Danevski and Mario Simonovski in March 2018. Their music is a fusion of many styles and foreshadowing for the next generation to come.

Aleksandar Vancovski’s new project with debut album announced for April 2019. Considering his abundance of experience in works with other projects we have high hopes and expect a masterpiece.

Looking forward to seeing you in your hometowns,
Jazz Fortnight

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