Re:Imagining Jazz

New friends;

We’ve been exploring history for some time now.
Our close collaboration with professor Saso Popovski has led us to two special moments in time:

In 2007, the professor is in Bitola, together with Stefan Tasevski, Goran Dimitrovski and Zoran Ristevski in Jeni Mosque, telling a story about “Parahodot“. A piece of timeless music.

2012, Bitola again, this time with a guest from afar, Oscar Salas, the Cuban who briefly replaced New York’s jazz clubs for the alley below Pelister.
Besides the professor the co-hosts are Goce Micanov and Oliver Josifovski. They play in four, for that time, for that place, and for that audience, without thinking that exactly that same music would be rediscovered seven years later!

Yes, 19.07.2019 is the day when this recording will vibrate again in the air. This is the day for “4”.

We would have been very lucky to see Oscars on stage, but some things must remain only as history.

And here we go back to the present.
Here is the inspiration for this new project.

Re:Imagining Jazz

This is the answer to the question how this music would be interpreted today.
It is here where we meet our new friend – Alek Sekulovski.
Assistant professor of jazz drums, a mentor to a new generation of artists in Macedonia and a professor at the Metalworks Institute of Music in Toronto, Canada.
We will need a lot of text to list cities, concerts and collaborators from his 25 year long career …
He will have the lead for the first concert of this series.
Together with Ivan Bejkov on double-bass and Saso Popovski on guitar he will present a new vision inspired by the past.

We meet at Vinyl Cafe, Skopje, 9pm,
Jazz Fortnight


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