Saso Popovski Trio at Roccella Jazz Festival in Italy

From humble origin to international acclaim.

Saso Popovski with his trio on 12th of August had the honor to open the 39th edition Roccella Jazz Festival.

The festival, nearly 40 years in the making, is directed by Mr. Vincenzo Staiano. Now with fresh focus on East, showcasing a new look on jazz from the near Balkan to the far China.

Jazz Fortnight family is thrilled for the opportunity to have Saso Popovski, Viktor Filipovski and Ivan Bejkov among the 148 musicians from 45 countries performing at this festival.

This accomplishment was noted by journal Fullsong followed by a positive reviews by Synpress Ufficio Stampa and Tgcom24 as well as an inquisitive receipt by the audience.

“The Macedonian guitarist presented his national trio with Ivan Bejkov on double bass and Viktor Filipovski on drums.
The trio respected not to perform jazz standards, focusing on tracks that are somehow related to their respective musical roots. From qualified representatives of a music scene of undoubted quality, the three have expertly performed original compositions of their recent album, in a pleasant and successful synthesis, which integrated with great efficacy melodies and rhythms.”

Synpress Ufficio Stampa, August 2019

“The quality of and variety of artists who perform each year is the winning recipe of the event. Also this year we saw the sparkling opening with the Balkan and Mediterranean sounds of Saso Popovski Trio, from North Macedonia.”

Tgcom24, August 2019

We continue to wait for more positive feed-back from our international audience as we are confident Saso Popovski Trio will continue to tour the continent.

Looking forward to seeing you on the next stop,
Jazz Fortnight

Saso Popovski Trio at Roccella Jazz Festival 2019
Saso Popovski Trio at Roccella Jazz Festival 2019
Saso Popovski Trio at Roccella Jazz Festival 2019


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